About Us

Not Our First Diaper Change

But it did start with a diaper pin 75 years ago. Two young parents, Marshall and Evelyn Sidman, began selling an innovative diaper pin that wouldn't prick parent's fingers or baby's delicate skin. As they grew their business into a variety of baby products, they made a point of listening every step of the way.

The Sidmans listened to doctors and child care experts, but more importantly, they listened to parents like you. By the 70’s, their Parenting Counsel was running full throttle. Made up of confident moms and dads, these were parenting pros who gave real world feedback and inspired new ideas based on their own experiences conquering the chaos.

Diaper pins may have gone the way of VHS tapes (remember those?), but The First Years is still listening to you and evolving our products to meet the challenges today’s families face every day. From online surveys to DMs, we’re listening to what you’re telling us and answering your questions. Let us help you outsmart the obstacles during your own first years with baby!