Team TFY

Team TFY Team TFY

Who are ambassadors?

Our ambassador community is made up of real parents who:

  • Have children under the age of 3
  • Love creating content and sharing tips & recommendations within their community
  • Love The First Years
  • Have their Instagram and/or TikTok account set to public

What do ambassadors do?

We know parenting is already a full-time job, so we keep it simple and fun. To earn rewards, ambassadors can participate in missions like:

  • Creating content about their favorite TFY products & sharing it with their community
  • Trying new products and writing reviews
  • Completing bonus challenges like sharing your best #parenthacks

What are the perks?

Members of Team TFY get exclusive opportunities to earn:

  • Cash and free products
  • Early access to new products
  • Commission on sales through personalized discount codes
  • The chance to be featured on our social media channels

How do I join?

Click the button below to complete your application on the Brandbassador App.

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